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I am recognized by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) as a Red Ribbon Professional, meeting their highest professional standards and ethics.  My extensive training in Form School, Traditional Compass School & Western Black Sect Feng Shui has created a passion for the energy shifts of Flying Star Feng Shui.  Reiki's translation is "Universal Life Energy".  It is incorporated into my consultations.  I am trained in Usui, Tibetan & Divine Yu Reiki.    You may also find me through the Sunstone Centre by clicking on the link below.

International Feng Shui Guild

I am honoured to be a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild

What Clients are saying...

Dorran spent several hours completing a full Feng Shui consultation for our family.  After Dorran boosted the career area of our home we have noticed a dramatic difference.  My husband works as senior plant manager for a company in Vaughan, Ontario.  Shortly after the consultation he found himself preparing for a plant tour with our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  A third shift was added and now the plant is running 24/7.  He is so busy that it is almost too much, but this change is greatly appreciated.  I would highly encourage you to book a consultation with Dorran and discover all the benefits  for your own family.

Nicole F

Caledon, Ontario

Working with Dorran has been an absolute pleasure.  She is very knowledgeable about all types of Feng Shui and provided the best solutions to balance the house.  Dorran answered all our questions easily and gave the best possible solution using our own furniture and objects.  I would highly recommend Dorran to help balance and create a much better flow.

Cate G,

Brampton, Ontario

Wow!  What an amazing Feng Shui Consultation we just had!  Thank you to our friend Dorran Zaina for helping us achieve and maintain a Zen and optimally energized space for Chi to flow...learned so much today!  

Bolton Salt Cave, Owners Sandra Caradonna & Adriana Buccella-Rizzo

Bolton, Ontario

My name is Bal and I live in Caledon, Ontario.  May I say I have wonderful results after having Feng Shui done in my home.  Dorran has helped me so much.  She is so nice, always there for me.  Every time I call her she is there on the other side.  Certain things have happened and I have seen that Feng Shui really works and has helped.  My kids noticed straight away when they came back from school that the rooms felt light and bright.  They even commented "Mummy, what did you do?  This room feels and looks so much better."  I love Feng Shui and would advise people to at least give it a try.  It has helped myself and my home so much.  Things are happening for the good now.  Thank you so much.

Bal, Palgrave, Ontario

Thank you from the bottom our our hearts for your expertise and time.  Your suggestions have made a big difference.

Love the Gallos

Sunstone Centre

Master Leigh Whiting

Georgetown, Ontario

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